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K AU PLURIEL CONSTRUCTION is a group of professionals who work tirelessly to build sustainable foundations for you. We meet all your needs in urban development, infrastructure projects and housing; all this with materials drawn from the depths of our notoriously rich basement from North to South, from East to West.   Discover a different and daring architecture that rests entirely on the love of beauty, art. Entrust us with all your projects with confidence and receive them proudly!

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 Find the balance between happiness and the various and varied flavors that you can explore with us. Our chefs allow themselves to lose your taste buds with delicacy with tasty mixtures of spices from here and elsewhere. Let yourself be carried away by the irresistible, captivating and peaceful smells; your puck will be pampered with love and delicacy at all your meals.

We will also be happy to accompany you in every step of your life to mark every moment differently.

Here, every bite is a new destination.


We subtly exploit the so-called traditional materials in construction to make you rediscover the history of African wisdom beyond the modernity you encounter every day.   With the mastery of our heritage, allows us to offer you a deep experience of well-being at home.

Imagine an interior that brings together exceptional varieties of wood such as Bubinga, Wengue, Movingui, Talli and Ayous with all their beauty and resistance on the walls and planks; green, grey and yellow clay arranged with bricks from our red lands!

The result when tradition and modernity rhyme together is simply magnificent.


Inspired by the immense cultural heritage of our Africa, Kaupluriel celebrates the love of African beauty through its brands NKONEN which means "Love" and KEROW which means "Beauty" in Bafia, a dialect of the central region of Cameroon.

Traditional know-how that emanates from the origin guaranteeing the authenticity of its manufacturing processes and the originality of its sources. With which we associate modernism and refinement to offer successful products, perfectly adapted for the development of afro-descendant communities in the world.

Cosmetics that resemble us and that bring us together in the dignity of African values.

Decoration Events

KAUPLURIEL literally excels at supporting every stage of your life. Unique and personalized seating for events that look like you are designed by a team of professionals who aim your comfort between: colors, visuals and scents that will make you reach other skies.

We place particular emphasis on the festive singularity of mother earth which carries in it the genes of the royalty of the first civilizations in the world.

From raffia, fabric, flowers to exquisite organization, we immerse you in history and you stay there.

Our Values

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